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The Young Foundation’s ventures team has been providing support to VCSEs of all shapes and sizes for nearly a decade. We deliver jargon free, straightforward advice to de-mystify social investment and explain what it means to be ‘investment ready’.


The Young Foundation has developed a range of tools for teaching VCSE's about social investment and how to access it. These range from fun, accessible games that introduce basic concepts, through to sophisticated support around financial modeling and structuring investments.  
Here is a summary of the services we offer:
1. Overview of the social investment market

a. What is social investment?

b. When is it appropriate?

c. How do you access it?

2. In-depth needs diagnosis using The Young Foundation Organisational Health Scorecard 

3. Up front advice on whether social investment is appropriate 

4. Support in strengthening the organisation to become investment ready

a. Skill and will (leadership, team, governance)

b. Social impact model (theory of change, evidence, measurability)

c. Ability to scale or replicate (intellectual property, procedures)

d. Sustainability (strategic plan, financial model)

5. Support with preparing for an investment round

a. Selecting the right corporate & legal structure

b. Identifying the amount and type of investment needed 

6. Advice on accessing investors

a. Who's who in the investor landscape and matching VCSE

b. Pitching to investors

7. Ongoing support for the VCSE post investment