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Future Business Centre
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Stepping Out exists to support the shift from good public services to great social businesses. We work exclusively with organisations looking to develop their capacity to deliver better quality and more efficient public services as sustainable and growing social businesses.

Our style is to work closely with those leading an organisation and to coach them through the process, ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills through our involvement and preparing leaders and Boards to not only pitch for investment, but to be ready to lead their organisations through the transition once investment has been secured.  

We work closely with our clients on:

Reviewing their growth strategy for the organisation and helping to define one where necessary
Identifying the gap between ‘current state’ and ‘desired state’ using proven readiness assessments
Determining the financial and investment requirements to make the step-change sought
• Tackling any areas identified as needing to be addressed ahead of an investment - this might include developing governance, tackling weaknesses in operational processes, or improving financial reporting and modelling

We also help with scanning the social investment market, identifying appropriate investors to target and preparing a 'prospectus' for investment to communicate the ask. 

When working with our clients on winning contracts, we follow a similar collaborative approach. Nobody knows your business better than you, but working with our experrienced consultants will lead to:

  • Better bids, plain and simple
  • A better managed bid-writing process, where everybody understands their tasks and deadlines and focuses on the areas that will score the highest points
  • Stronger evidence to support your claims, e.g. through social impact (SROI) analyses
  • A bidding infrastructure that will benefit you time and again: better processes, ready prepared stock answers that you know score high marks, costing templates, policies, etc