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South West
Consultants: 14
The Coach House
2 Upper York Street St Pauls
BS2 8QN Bristol
United Kingdom
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South West Co-operative Support Limited (SWCS) was founded in 2008 as the consortium of specialist co-operative development organisations in the South West. We specialise in helping people to start co-operatives and community benefit societies and helping existing ones to grow and flourish. Advice is delivered by accredited social enterprise advisers with many years' experience in field and across all business sectors. SWCS works in partnership with Co-operative and Community Finance and has strong links with Co-operatives UK and the Community Shares Unit, to provide a strong delivery team.

Over the last five years SWCS has assisted VCSE's to raise £5.7m in Community Shares, £1.4m in grants and £1.8m in loans. Our partners Co-operative and Community Finance expertise has, over that time, invested or lent £5.2m to 159 VCSE organisations.

In relation to investment readiness, SWCS offer the following services:

Business & strategic planning: For success, resilience and sustainability advice is tailored to either new start phase or existing enterprises looking to grow. 

Finance: Financial modelling including for complex renewable energy projects and long term projections for land and asset based acquisitions; Evaluation of all forms of finance available and their appropriateness; Community Shares advice and assistance with relevant documentation. Continuous improvement and quality standards: Evaluation and improvement of management systems and processes to enable the organisation to grow.

Governance: Recommending the most appropriate legal structure and constitution related to the depth and variety of ways to raise finance; Incorporation service using nationally recognised model rules for every legal form of business; Training in the roles and responsibilities of the Directors, Secretaries and officers plus satisfying the organisation's regulatory bodies; Working with a membership and/or key stakeholders; Training in Decision making and conflict resolution.

HR:  Evaluation and improvement of HR practices to enable the organisation to grow effectively; Evaluation of equalities practices and monitoring. 

Impact Measurements: Advice and guidance on both social accounts and environmental accounts in relation to capturing relevant impact measurements for the organisation.

As partners Co-operative and Community Finance offer due diligence & loan appraisal and advice with a particular emphasis on financial management and long term loan monitoring. There is an existing relationship between SWCS and CCF but, as a separate organisation, objectivity with loan appraisal is maintained.