Social Community Impact Capital Limitedadvanced

North West
Consultants: 1
Communications House
290 Moston Lane
M40 9WB Manchester
United Kingdom
+44 (0)161 465 3305
SCIC was established with a mission to help social enterprises gain the investment they need to make positive impacts on people's lives.

Our vision is that society at large will benefit in numerous ways from external investment and support from the UK government and therefore, no social enterprise that has the energy and determination to contribute to the wellbeing of others should go without the funding they need.

Based in Manchester and serving the North West and across the UK, we are a  small and caring team with high quality and ethical motives. We provide a professional support service for Social Enterprises that wish to consider social investment as a means to raise funds for the implementation of a policy or project that will have social impact and is commercially viable.


We are a mission led organisation with a focus to help and support local social enterprises to attract the funding they require to thrive, thereby making a difference to the needs of disadvantaged or excluded parts of society, and ultimately improving the community we all share in.


Our team of seasoned professionals have  built up a comprehensive range of skills and experience to help you execute strategy for social projects from investment readiness and social return on investment measurement to fund raising.​​ In particular, we offer the following core services:


  • Investment readiness
  • Grant funding applications
  • Financial modelling
  • Fund raising
  • Social impact assessment