Northern Social Investment Group Ltd breakthrough

North West
Consultants: 2
Wigan Investment Centre
Waterside Drive
WN3 5BA Wigan
United Kingdom
NSIG is a group of social entrepreneurs, qualified business advisors and financial technicians. Rather than a consultancy, we're a social enterprise, with a purpose to "help create more and better social investment transactions, particularly in the North of England."

Northern Social Investment Group came about in 2013 as a group of painfully experienced social entreprenuers who had become increasingly frustrated at the slow growth of the social investment sector. Many of us remembered the early days of the Social Investment Task Force and the drive to develop new investment instruments which would fill the gap for appropriate finance in social enterprises. We understand, better than most, that social investment is not meant to be an alternative to grants and largesse, but instead is meant to be a source of sustainable finance, for social businesses which are constructed to be suitable investees. Developing social investment transactions can often require root and branch reform of a social sector organisation, and as a group, we have the skills, experience, ability and imagination to help clients undertake this journey, and to find an organisational form which will be sustainable and robust.