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We're based in Brighton, but work across the
United Kingdom
We help communities raise the capital to make their enterprises fly.

We've helped groups raise over £2.2M from their community of supporters, from Hastings Pier Charity - the first charity to issue equity in the UK - through to the UK's first community-owned estate pub and the UK's first community-owned local TV station.

We can work with you if you're a pre-start-up through to an established enterprise. We can help:

  • Create and setting up the right legal structure to make your investment proposition work
  • Ensure the business plan underpinning your offer stacks up
  • Write a powerful and attractive narrative to market your investment
  • Develop the marketing strategy with online and offline channels
  • Engage your community to get them entused about investing
  • Get the tax breaks that make your offer more compelling
  • Implement the right governance system in place to manage your enterprise effectively
  • Get the social impact of your enterprise front and centre, so you can tell investors about the difference their investment is making

We wrote the script for the Community Shares Unit's viral video and we're especially skilled in developing share offer campaigns and offer documents and explaining the often-complex issues around shares and the underlying business plans in compellingly plain English.