Sporting Assets

Consultants: 6

Sporting Assets provides a bespoke and comprehensive business development service for community sports organisations.

We help organisations who are looking to secure social investment, develop new facilities, secure asset transfers or develop new revenue streams.We are both Big Potential Breakthrough and Big Potential Advanced Approved Providers.

Our two key specialisms are;

ATQ Consultants

Consultants: 3

ATQ is both a Big Potential Breakthrough and Advanced provider


ATQ supports VCSEs and other organisations to:

  • become investment ready, and raise capital for start-up, growth or specific contracts, including Social Impact Bonds (SIBs); 
  • sustain and grow their enterprises, by analysing markets and identifying opportunities and prospects within them; and
  • gear up to operate in competitive, commercial markets and win specific contracts. 

We are ATQ because we always aim to “answer the question” put to us by our clients.

The Social Investment Consultancy

Consultants: 3

TSIC was founded in 2008 by three social entrepreneurs with the goal of creating more effective partnerships between the for and non-profit sectors. We now have a team of six staff in London with backgrounds and experience ranging from management consulting and finance to social entrepreneurship and international development. We also work with a range of associates and have offices in New York and Dubai.

We offer services to VCSEs in the following areas:

CAN Invest

Consultants: 6

CAN has experience of being both an investor and investee. As a result, we have valuable expertise, knowledge and partner networks that are necessary in supporting organisations to attract investment and become longstanding sustainable businesses.

Adrian Ashton

Consultants: 1

Having been employed in various strategic & management roles within a range of charities, private companies, public bodies, and social enterprises, I operate in a freelance capacity, offereing a range of enterprise support services that include: feasibility studies, business planning, financial modeling, training, research, impact reporting, quality assurance, and investment and contract readiness.

These are offered to start-up and existing groups through direct consultancy and funded programmes, with clients including enterprise agencies, national sector bodies, government departments, universities, and faith bodies. They have also led my my gaining reputations with national sector bodies, and being awarded fellowships of several Institutes and attracting international interest.

I have also been a nominated lead advisor within several of these programmes in relation to specific sectors as well as disability, faith, social media, and offenders.


Consultants: 3

Resonance is a social impact investment company with over 14 years of experience working with social enterprises throughout the UK.  We help social enterprises prepare for and raise capital from investors who value both their impact ambition and business model.   We have particular expertise in homelessness, community-led projects, education, health, social care and criminal justice.  We also create and manage impact investment funds and currently over £100m under management.  The Resonance team of 30, works from offices in Launceston, Manchester, Bristol and London. 

Social Finance

Consultants: 6

We are dedicated to finding ways to raise capital through robust investment propositions and are committed to driving financial innovation in the sector by designing investment products that deliver measurable social and financial return. We also have a broad range of research and advisory capabilities with which to enhance understanding and engagement with the social investor market.

Eastside Primetimers

Consultants: 33

Eastside Primetimers is a national management consultancy with a difference, working exclusively for VCSEs.


We help Senior Managers and Boards to grow and develop pioneering organisations, bringing alive their ambitions for greater impact and financial sustainability.


Since 2004 the organisation has raised over £70m in contracts and investments. It has a high win rate for clients, which is due to its strong relationships with investors and a wide ranging experience of funding growth for social organisations.


If you have an inquiry, call us now on 020 7250 8337 or email [email protected] and we can help assign the best consultant for you.