Social Enterprise Marketing

Consultants: 2

Founded in 2010, we are an innovative Marketing,Communications and Social Business Development organisation with a Vision to become a leading enterprise in sustainable social business growth development. 

We specialise in delivering a range of tailored strategies, campaigns and workshops in;

- Strategic Marketing (online and offline and new digital technology)

- Social Impact Marketing 

- Brand Development 

- Content and Communications Marketing 

- CSR modelling 

- Online Marketing 

- Campaign Development 

The Ideas Mine CIC

Consultants: 5

The Ideas Mine has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Over that time we have worked with a wide range of voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, helping to build them (and sometimes the buildings they work from) and position them to achieve their potential.

We specialise in

  • Strategic business development
  • Social investment strategy and development
  • Social Return on Investment
  • Asset development
  • Governance and board development
  • Product development
  • Policy development



Sporting Assets

Consultants: 6

Sporting Assets provides a bespoke and comprehensive business development service for community sports organisations.

We help organisations who are looking to secure social investment, develop new facilities, secure asset transfers or develop new revenue streams.We are both Big Potential Breakthrough and Big Potential Advanced Approved Providers.

Our two key specialisms are;

Plunkett Foundation

Consultants: 8

Plunkett helps communities to raise the investments they need to make an impact. We specialise in helping communities to invest in a local community run and managed enterprises and are best known for our work supporting the development of village shops, pubs, cafes, farms and woodlands, plus everything in between.

We are also highly experienced in building community share portfolios that encourage a large quantity of low value share investments by a community, which result in mass participation and ownership.  To date, Plunkett has supported one third of all community share issues ever undertaken in the UK.

Business planning is one of Plunkett's strengths. We want organisations to be financially sustainable in the long-term. Helping communities and social enterprises with business planning and financial management are key elements of this.

We also help organisations to understand the legal structure options available to them and can register Community Benefit Societies.  If you would like an informal chat about working with Plunkett please do call our friendly team on 01993 814 386.


Consultants: 3

ClearlySo is a financial intermediary, advising high impact businesses and charities on raising capital. We provide corporate finance and financial advisory services to organisations with capital raising ambitions of over £250k. Founded in 2008, ClearlySo has helped over 50 clients raise in excess of £60m.

For contact details please see Full Description.

Triodos Corporate Finance

Consultants: 6

Triodos Corporate Finance is a UK division of Triodos Bank - one of the world's leading sustainable banks. We work with a wide range of clients from start up social enterprises to well established small and medium sized charities. Our work includes issuing charity bonds, advising on and raising finance for social impact bonds, and raising equity to fund growth. We are a UK market leader in advising on social impact bonds. Over the past five years we have raised over £70m of social investment for 22 organisations.

Our team of six has considerable experience in investment readiness work including:

  • Financial modelling
  • Drafting business plans
  • Structuring vehicles for investment
  • Producing offer documents and prospectuses
  • Investor engagement
  • Overall project management

We work with clients to help identify their funding requirements and which forms of capital are appropriate. We then lead and manage the investment readiness and capital raising process, supporting our clients at every stage. We have developed long standing relationships with many institutional and individual investors.


Consultants: 3

Resonance is a social impact investment company with over 14 years of experience working with social enterprises throughout the UK.  We help social enterprises prepare for and raise capital from investors who value both their impact ambition and business model.   We have particular expertise in homelessness, community-led projects, education, health, social care and criminal justice.  We also create and manage impact investment funds and currently over £100m under management.  The Resonance team of 30, works from offices in Launceston, Manchester, Bristol and London.