Social Enterprise Support Centre Ltd

Consultants: 2

SESC provides expert support for not for profit groups and organisations looking to develop trading strategies. We will advise on the appropriate business model for your legal form; help to devise strategies to access particular sectors such as health and social care, community services, catering, recycling, criminal justice, arts, childcare etc.  Sales and marketing training using tried and tested tools together with business planning and strategy setting. We will support your growth plans whether through merger or asset development and help with finding investment.

Northern Social Investment Group Ltd

Consultants: 2

Northern Social Investment Group came about in 2013 as a group of painfully experienced social entreprenuers who had become increasingly frustrated at the slow growth of the social investment sector. Many of us remembered the early days of the Social Investment Task Force and the drive to develop new investment instruments which would fill the gap for appropriate finance in social enterprises.

Mutual Ventures

Consultants: 11

Mutual Ventures is a socially focussed consultancy operating nation wide and committed to supporting VCSEs to grow sustainably. We have worked with social enterprises and charities across the UK to develop growth strategies, implement effective processes, and secure new business and investment. We are specialists at supporting organisations to bid for public sector contracts.

We are a friendly team with a deep knowledge of public sector commissioning and the challenges faced by social enterprises and charities. Our consultants bring expertise from a variety of backgrounds in the voluntary sector, local government, and the commercial sector.      

We can support you with all aspects of contract readiness, including:

  • business development – identifying opportunities, writing bids and responding to tenders
  • strategy and business planning – evaluating your position in the market, examining your operating model, and testing your financial resilience
  • process improvement – improving management information and developing a opportunities/sales pipeline
  • capturing social value – developing a robust social value proposition and using it to create a competitive advantage in bids.

To date, we have had a 100% success rate in supporting our clients secure Big Potential Advanced funding.

To learn more about us, visit our website. If you would like to have a chat about working together, call us on (020) 3714 3900 or contact us via email.

The Young Foundation

Consultants: 1


The Young Foundation has developed a range of tools for teaching VCSE's about social investment and how to access it. These range from fun, accessible games that introduce basic concepts, through to sophisticated support around financial modeling and structuring investments.  
Here is a summary of the services we offer:
1. Overview of the social investment market

a. What is social investment?

b. When is it appropriate?

c. How do you access it?

Sporting Assets

Consultants: 6

Sporting Assets provides a bespoke and comprehensive business development service for community sports organisations.

We help organisations who are looking to secure social investment, develop new facilities, secure asset transfers or develop new revenue streams.We are both Big Potential Breakthrough and Big Potential Advanced Approved Providers.

Our two key specialisms are;

Fresh Management Solutions

Consultants: 6

We think that life is complicated enough without advice and learning that is loaded with theory and jargon! As social entrepreneurs in our own right our approach is practical and relevant because we deal with the challenges of investment readiness in our own organisations.

We have a strong track record in business planning, governance, financial planning and social investment with the skills, knowledge and experience to best position you for a successful fundraising programme and a sustainable organisation in the longer term.
We are proud of our work, our client relationships and the positive feedback we receive. This has been achieved through a practical solutions-based approach and commitment to our clients’ success.

Social Enterprise East Midlands - SEEM (Supporting Social Business)

Consultants: 3

SEEM, based in Nottingham provides support services across the East and West Midlands, Yorkshire and beyond. Formed in 2002 as a Not for Profit company, limited by guarantee, our aim is to support the creation and development of social enterprises and social businesses to facilitate sustainability and help deliver significant and enduring social impact.

We do this by and providing Business and Investment Readiness Support to Social Enterprises, Charities and Social Businesses. We then go on to secure the investment they're looking for. 

Over the last four years, SEEM have become the region's leading Social Finance brokerage, helping scores of clients to secure facilities from between £10k to £400k. How do we do this? By getting to know our clients, understanding their needs and helping them to articulate their business in a way that helps them secure investment and make a difference in people's lives.

Whether you're looking to build the capacity to move into social finance in the next few years or want to secure an investment in the near future, SEEM provide support with you in mind. With over a decade's experience of social enterprise we understand the opportunities, challenges and realities of gearing up. That's why we work with both operators and governance bodies to offer real support to develop your business and access finance without losing sight of your social mission.

BE Group

Consultants: 6

BE Group was established in 2007 with the purpose to help business succeed and grow, which is as clear a purpose today as it was then.  We are particularly proud of the strong social purpose that runs throughout the business from our governance structure of being owned by a non-charitable and employee ownership trust, to every individual in our team of 125.

Social Enterprise Lancashire Network (Selnet Ltd)

Consultants: 5

Selnet incorporated in 2005 and now employ a staff team of five to facilitate, manage and deliver business support, advice and products for sustainable growth to Social Enterprises in Lancashire.
Selnet, and member organisations, have vast experience supporting VCSE organisations, particularly Social Businesses, to consider suitable financing options and raise social investment through sources including grants, community shares, loan stock and commercial loans. This approach is underpinned by robust business, financial planning and forecasting.
Big Potential will be delivered by qualified, specialist Social Enterprise advisors who understand the needs of the sector and are creative and adaptable in their approach. 

Stepping Out

Consultants: 3

Using our track record as the founders and leaders of many successful social businesses (as well as our direct experience and networks in the social investment market), our team will work with you to shape your strategy for growth and prepare you to secure the investment you need or help you win contracts.