Grant-holder information

While Big Potential may have closed, the journey of the VCSEs' we've helped to support continues. Read on if you have received funding and would like further information on monitoring, instructions and other relevant matters.

Big Potential Monitoring Information

If you have been awarded a Big Potential Grant, you will need to provide us with some monitoring information.  This is so that we know what you’re achieved through your project. 

When you were sent your grant offer letter, we will have provided you with the form that you need to complete and send back to us. Essentially, on a quarterly basis we will ask you to;

  • Update us on the milestones you scheduled in your grant application
  • Tell us about any other activities you’ve started, continued or finished
  • Give us details of:
  1. how you have been able to learn from your work with your provider to increase your organisation’s knowledge and skills and retain these after the work with your provider has ended?
  2. any achievements or unexpected outcomes you’d like to share with us
  3. any problems you’ve faced and how you’ve tackled them
  4. how you’ll use or share what you’ve learned from your own monitoring or evaluation
  5. any changes you’ll make to your project because of what you’ve learned
  • Tell us what you are planning to do in the coming quarter
  • Provide us with information detailing how you have spent the money you have been awarded
  • Sign a declaration alongside your provider confirming that your project is ongoing and that you are continuing to work on your project.

Once you have completed all of your Big Potential funded work, we will then ask you to complete an End of Grant form. This is similar to the ongoing monitoring, but we will also ask you to update us on whether you’ve raised any investment or won any contracts as a result of your grant.

Follow–up diagnostic (Breakthrough submissions)

One of the key aims of Big Potential Breakthrough is to learn what difference our support has made to your organisation as a whole. To help us measure this, we will email you once you’ve completed your end of grant form and ask you to retake your Big Potential diagnostic. This is so we can see whether your responses to the questions have changed, and if your organisation is more ready than it was. This information will be used by our evaluator.

Speaking to us

If you need to talk to us at any point about your grant, or to update us on anything that might have changed within your organisation then you can call us at any time.  In your grant offer letter you will have been given the name and contact details for the member of the team that manages your grant. But if you don’t have these to hand you can call us on 020 3096 7900 and we will connect you to the right member of the team.

If you have any concerns, something isn’t going as planned or you want to discuss possibly changing something about your grant it is always best to speak to us as early as possible. Just give us a call and we will do everything we can to help.