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If you cannot apply for a grant you can still contact a provider to discuss other consultancy.

  • breakthrough
London Consultants: 4

Acevo is the association representing chief executives of VCSE organisations and as such we offer solutions that are based on a solid understanding of issues facing the third sector.

We provide tailored investment readiness support packages that recognise the barriers that VCSE organisations often face when taking on social investment - from risk aversity, to unfamiliarity with investment techniques to help with financial modelling.

Acumen CIC and UNW LLP
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  • advanced
North East Consultants: 1

UNW is a leading independent firm of chartered accountants based in Newcastle with experience of advising charities and social enterprises to secure investment. We are working in partnership with Acumen CIC who support social entrepreneurs and enable social enterprises to start, develop and grow their businesses.

Adrian Ashton
  • breakthrough
North West Consultants: 1

Having been employed in various strategic & management roles within a range of charities, private companies, public bodies, and social enterprises, I operate in a freelance capacity, offereing a range of enterprise support services that include: feasibility studies, business planning, financial modeling, training, research, impact reporting, quality assurance, and investment and contract readiness.

These are offered to start-up and existing groups through direct consultancy and funded programmes, with clients including enterprise agencies, national sector bodies, government departments, universities, and faith bodies. They have also led my my gaining reputations with national sector bodies, and being awarded fellowships of several Institutes and attracting international interest.

I have also been a nominated lead advisor within several of these programmes in relation to specific sectors as well as disability, faith, social media, and offenders.

West Midlands Consultants: 2

We are currently working with VCSE organisations comprising Community Organisations, those working with Young People, Social Enterprises, Arts Organisations, Equality Networks, Infrastructure Bodi

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London Consultants: 8

Aleron is a social impact consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals, organisations, and governments to create positive change in society. We believe that with the right resources, tools, and knowledge, it is possible to solve even the most egregious social problems through individual and collective action. 

At Aleron, we have passion for solving social problems and a sincere desire to help our clients improve their impact. Our team stimulates new ideas and fresh thinking. We have seen first-hand the tremendous impact that social action can have in transforming society – whether lobbying for fairer laws or enriching the life of a child in need. 


ATQ Consultants
  • breakthrough
  • advanced
East Midlands Consultants: 3

ATQ is both a Big Potential Breakthrough and Advanced provider


ATQ supports VCSEs and other organisations to:

  • become investment ready, and raise capital for start-up, growth or specific contracts, including Social Impact Bonds (SIBs); 
  • sustain and grow their enterprises, by analysing markets and identifying opportunities and prospects within them; and
  • gear up to operate in competitive, commercial markets and win specific contracts. 

We are ATQ because we always aim to “answer the question” put to us by our clients.

  • breakthrough
  • advanced
London Consultants: 4

Big Potential Advanced and Breakthrough provider


Baxendale has 15 years’ track record supporting the creation and success of high-impact organisations that address some of society’s biggest challenges. Through our unique combination of business advice and investment we help VCSEs survive and thrive in tough and often highly competitive markets.


To date, we have supported over 80 organisations to secure more than £510m in new contracts and £50m of investments.


Our support offer includes:


  • Developing detailed business and investment cases
  • Structuring investment deals
  • In-depth market analysis to support sustainable growth strategies
  • End-to-end bid support for new contracts
  • Measuring social impact


Our team of specialists have experience of working within the public sector, from inside Whitehall and senior public commissioning appointments, to commercial roles in Big Four Consultancies and bid writing for international charities.


To date we have had an 91% success rate in supporting our clients to achieve Big Potential funding.

BE Group
  • breakthrough
North East Consultants: 6

BE Group was established in 2007 with the purpose to help business succeed and grow, which is as clear a purpose today as it was then.  We are particularly proud of the strong social purpose that runs throughout the business from our governance structure of being owned by a non-charitable and employee ownership trust, to every individual in our team of 125.