What is social investment?

Social investment means finance provided for VCSE organisations, which the investors expect to both get back and to create social impact.

The social investors providing this money include specialist banks, individuals, and charitable trusts, as well as organisations and funds that have been specifically set up to make social investments. Each has different motivations but what all social investors have in common is:

  • They expect to get their money back, often with interest
  • They want to see positive social change take place as a result of their investment

Social investment is not a grant or a donation. It is money provided to enable your organisation to generate more income or be more effective: growing your business, putting in place better systems, doing more social good, and repaying the investment in the process.

Get the Guide

The social investment guide provides a simple overview of the UK market and helps you assess if social investment is right for you. This guide has been produced by programme partners, Social Enterprise UK for Big Lottery Fund. Download the guide by clicking the link below.