What does Big Potential offer?

Big Potential offers support and grants to help voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises (VCSE) consider how social investment could help them grow their impact.

This website has fantastic learning and development content and in-depth information on social investment including case studies, guides and a fully automated diagnostic tool which will be a helpful companion to any VCSE organisation starting its social investment journey.


Chance to consider if social investment can help fund existing activities and services

Fully supported diagnostic service – including a helpful online tool and an in-depth 1:1 session with an expert advisor if you apply for a Breakthrough grant.

Breakthrough grants of between £20,000 and £75,000 for specialist business support to help raise new repayable investment of up to £500,000.

Advanced grants of up to £150,000 for specialist business support to help raise new repayable investment above £500,000 or to help win contracts worth above £1million.

A website with lots of helpful resources and information about social investment


Not just skilling up: opportunity to actually raise new investment and/or win contracts

Fully supported application process: diagnostic service that supports organisations looking at social investment for the first time

Access to high quality specialist support: from the fund’s approved providers that have a proven track record to helping similar organisations successfully raise new investment and/or win contracts.