Scaling up

If you've been going for a while, with established products or services and a loyal group of customers you might be thinking of reaching more people to increase your impact. We have some questions to help you get started.

Think about growth

What does scaling up mean? Growth means different things to different organisations. It might be the ability to bid for bigger contracts, to sell your products and services to more people, deliver a wider range of products and services or deliver your products and services across a wider geographical area. The overall purpose is to increase your social impact.

Not everyone wants to grow bigger but even local organisations might want to deepen the engagement they have with existing customers or service users by offering more.

Before you start

Key challenge

  • Do you need support and advice to help you with the scale up?
  • Is there a demand for the increased services?

What do you need the money for?

  • Increased staff costs
  • Fees to business advisors
  • Rent or buy new location and other setup and equipment costs
  • Sales and marketing costs

Support available

  • Crowdfunding: Raise between £2,000 and £50,000 using an online platform to reach supporters of your work
  • Community shares: Raise around £200,000 from local community interested in ensuring the service is local-led
  • Social banks: Loans (usually secured against assets) between £25,000 and £15 million
  • Specialist social finance providers: Loans, bonds and equity investment between £200,000 and £3 million. More unsecured lending available now than ever before.

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