Preparing for social investment

Wondering how social investment can help your organisation? This section helps you put all the information about social investment from the previous section into the context of your organisation to get your started with preparing to take on your first investment.

Social investment offers some exciting new opportunities and is most effective when used as part of your funding mix. This section helps you assess if social investment is right for you and what you need to consider before taking the decision to take on investment.

Helping you assess if social investment is right for you

Preparing for social investment

Are you really ready? We help you start thinking about what your needs are and what role social investment can play. Start preparing

Asking the right questions

Get your management team in a room and ask yourselves the hard questions. We have some suggestions on how you can get deeper into assessing the role of social investment. Is social investment right for you?

Choosing the right type of finance

Are you a start-up or looking to grow your service offer? Social investment might be more effective at a particular stage in your journey. We have information for start-upsorganisations with cashflow concerns, those looking to grow and those looking to buy assets.

How could social investment help your organisation?

Social investment offers new opportunities to VCSE organisations looking to grow and scale their social impact and can complement existing routes to fundraising or raising new capital. This section will help you assess how social investment could help your organisation.

Social investment can transform organisations but it requires lots of thought and planning. To start it might be helpful for you to ask yourself some key questions -

  • Does my organisation need investment?
  • Should we look for grants?
  • Why might investment be better than grants?
  • What about conventional or mainstream investment?
  • Why might we choose social investment?

Got the Guide?

Have you read the simple guide to social investment yet? This guide has been created for organisations that have just started their social investment journey and need some help thinking about the opportunities on offer. This guide has been produced by Social Enterprise UK for Big Lottery Fund.