Learn about social investment

Just started thinking about social investment? This section introduces you to some of the key concepts, definitions and provides a useful overview of the marketplace to help you get started.

Everything you need to know about social investment

What is social investment?

A simple definition of social investment.

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Different types of social investment

Find out more about the main types of social investment products and start thinking about which one might be most appropriate for you. Social investment products

Who are the key players in the UK market?

The world looks to the UK as a global leader in social investment and the Prime Minister led a G8 forum on social investment last year to consolidate our role as pioneers. Find out more about the marketplace in the UK - who does what and where you might be able to find help. Navigating the market

Stories from the frontline

Social banks and other investors have been lending to voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises for over ten years. Read some insightful and inspiring stories of how social investment has helped to transform organisations and create more social impact. Read the stories

Insight about the social investment market

Browse the social investment research library curated by wholesaler Big Society Capital. Browse research library