Keeping going

Do you need some capital to keep your business running? We have some questions to help you assess your social investment options

Before you start

Key challenge

  • How will you pay the money back? Always ask yourself this question before considering any investment.
  • Do you need some help to become more profitable?

What do you need the money for at this stage?

Trying to manage the gaps between being income and expenditure? There are a few options to create a healthier cashflow:

  • Working capital: investment to ensure you have enough money when bills need to be paid.
  • Bridging loan: an organisation has the money it needs to pay the bills but at certain times of year you might have less than expected so this standby/overdraft facility can be useful.

Support available

  • Your organisation
  • Friends and Family
  • Customers: A customer that buys your products may be able to pay you earlier than usual to enable you to keep the organisation afloat.
  • Social banks: Loans and overdraft facilities similar to those offered by high street banks
  • Specialist social investors: Loans and standby money
  • Money raised by members in a cooperative

Get theĀ guide

This simple guide has lots of useful information for organisations looking for funding to keep going.