Diagnostic tool

This tool helps organisations to think about how they will need to build and develop their systems and people in order to attract investment.

Why use the Tool

The tool helps organisations to review their strengths and areas for improvement, as likely to be seen through the eyes of a potential social investor.

Because it is written from the perspective of a social investor, it also acts as an educational tool - the process of completing it should help to strengthen your understanding of "investment readiness".

How to use the Diagnostic tool

After registering on the Big Potential website, you can access the Diagnostic Tool via your My Dashboard / My account.

The tool can be completed all in one go or over time. Completing it in one sitting is likely to take anything between 25-40 minutes depending on whether you have information readily to hand.

Each section can be accessed by the numbered tabs at the top of the screen and can be completed in any order. Questions can also be skipped or later amended. Remember to save your work though.

  • Section 1: Knowledge questionnaire
  • Section 2: Financial history, staff numbers and investment
  • Section 3: The People in your Organisation
  • Section 4: What you do, and who your customers are
  • Section 5: How you do things, how well you do them, and how you know!
  • Section 6: How you manage your finances


Once you have completed every section - or as much as you are able to - you can save and view your report.

This report will give you a representation and a score for where your organisation currently sits against 5 key 'investment readiness' indicators. Please note that this does not present a picture of the overall health and performance of your organisation but simply highlights the areas you might need to work on to raise investment in the future.


The tool is about learning and improvement. It is important therefore that you consider what your next steps are:

  • Where does the report suggest you can improve?
  • Which questions most jumped out at you, and what are you going to do about areas where you have realised you need to develop?

Organisations eligible for a grant from Big Potential can submit their tool when happy with your answers. We will then invite eligible organisations to an in-depth 1:1 advice session.